About Us

The truth is, Its not actually about us, Rather its bout you

The strength of every nation lies in the hands of small businesses

But small business in third world countries fail to maintain their position in the economy because they lack the adequate education, expertise and financial strength to survive in economies greatly dominated by a few large multi-national cooperations. BIckdrims is here to give small businesses the strength the require to stay in the super competitive world

How bickdrim operates



Too be eligible for bickdrim capital, you have to need to be a paying subscriber for at least 6 moths from your application date.



Your loan offers will depend on your monthly income statement, business growth rate and your industry.



Select the amount that’s right for your business needs. The loan fee and repayment rate are set based on the loan amount



You’ll automatically repay the loan with a fixed percentage of your monthly income until the total amount is repaid.


We are busy but we will rather take a break and call you first.

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